IP Sharing

What’s mine is yours, for a fee

We believe in a global sharing economy powered by blockchain technology, bringing easiness and safety to the pay-per-use efficiency model.

Being a two-sided platform, IPSX connects two distinct user groups that provide each other with peer-to-peer network benefits:

-IP Providers – companies (e.g. data centers, telecom companies) and individuals can monetize something they never realized was an asset — their unused IP addresses;

-IP Requesters – tech companies (like data mining and web scraping companies) can securely integrate an unlimited number of IPs from multiple providers based on custom filters (traffic, location, duration, SLA).

IP Provider

An IP address that sits, will only generate one thing: costs.

As a provider, you can make money from sharing your unused IPs.

From cost to revenue, there is one simple step: thorough IPSX. And there are 5 main reasons to find the perfect match for your unused IPs on IPSX platform:

Transparent pricing – you know at all times what the market-driven price is. IPSX takes a small fee on top of what requesters will pay you.

Fully automated IP management – IPSX makes it easy to rent your IPs to hundreds or even thousands of different companies, with a platform that automates accounting, IP assignment etc. You can manage all you IPs from one easy-to-use interface that does not require technical knowledge.

Full traceability to help you with legal requests - It was never easier to handle liability issues – because now, every single action is recorded in the blockchain.

Control how your IPs are being used - You design your IP offers, you can offer the IPs one by one or you can do package deals. Take as few - or as many risks as you want - you decide. The IPSX vetting process makes it easy to minimize risks of your IPs being abused by those who rent them.

“No hassle” set-up and maintenance - Integrating thousands of IP providers would be impossible to do individually. Yet our system allows for a quick set-up, followed by minimum maintenance work.

IP Requester

6 giant issues you have, when you need IPs. You know it all too well:

Never enough IPs Getting more than 10.000 IPs from a single source is close to impossible and hard to find a single source for all your needs.

Untransparent costs You never really know how much of what you paid goes to the original IP provider. And in fact, we suspect that a large chunk of our money goes towards brokerage fees and doesn’t buy you real value.

Poor IP quality, Even when you do get your big IP volumes, some IPs don’t work, some are banned by networks. You end up having to pay for something that you can’t use.

Inflexible contracts Do you need to rent IPs for a day or two? You still have to pay for the entire month, or more. Should you have spikes in your business, it’s close to impossible to keep your customers happy without paying top dollar.

Tedious micromanagement The problem with getting a large number of IPs from 10 places is that it takes a lot of work to integrate them with your system and moreover they are.

The real problem: obsolete technology Until recently there was no framework for securely integrating an unlimited number of IPs, from an unlimited number of IP providers, to your platform.


Adapt instantly to spikes in demand

Special events sometimes lead to huge volatility. Now you won’t have to rent your IPs for an entire month. IPSX gives you access to large volumes of IPs you can rent for as little as a day.

Blockchain-level security

Our solution is built on blockchain technologies. Once a transaction is registered in the blockchain, it can never be reversed.

Filtered, vetted IPs

IPSX has a patented process of automatic filtering out low quality IPs - so you only pay for the best. Soon, you’ll be able to rate IP providers based on your experience with them.


You can rent out IPs using custom filters, like: time frame / price / GeoLocation / protocol.

Market-driven prices

Instead of having to negotiate with individual IP providers, now you can let the market decide what’s a fair price. And with intermediaries out of the loop, each dollar saved goes to your bottom line.

Virtually unlimited IPs

As the central point where IP supply and demand meet, IPSX makes it easy to create big “bundles” of IPs from as many IP providers - without having to integrate each one individually.

Affiliate Partnership

How it works? Easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. We set you up. Your personal referral link is already created in the IPSX platform, once you’ve registered;
  2. Use your personal referral link in social media posts, emails, on your website/blog, and recommend IPSX;
  3. Earn up to 60% from the IPSX platform profit from the referred customers.
Become an affiliate

Big Data

It's no longer a secret that Data is a new resource. A large volume of data is produced every minute. Unfortunately, less than 1% of this data is analyzed, due to a combination of facts:

  • huge volume of data generated;
  • low access to resources for regular players;
  • most of the Big Data and AI capabilities are controlled by a small handful of organizations.
IPSX will start building services and applications for both data acquisition and data analyzing based on custom demand.

Micro Tasks

Furthermore, the marketplace capabilities will be extended by adding micro tasks on the IPSX ecosystem.

Using this additional service on IPSX platform, individuals and companies will be able to outsource parts of their tasks or processes to a widely distributed workforce available to complete them.

Enabling micro tasks services on the platform is a natural move which expands the benefits to both IPSX ecosystem and its related actors. In the era of dApps, by completing such tasks, tokens and cryptocurrencies can be earned based on reward schemes.

Cyber Security Solutions

In the era of digital assets, cyber security and privacy become a more delicate subject than before. IPSX builds privacy solutions for both individuals and companies that need additional layers of protection. To complete this picture, we create and provide automated tools for investigation and testing that allow everybody to test and protect their infrastructure.

Distributed Storage

Sharing IPs is only the beginning. Soon, you will find storage as additional resources to be also exchanged on the platform.

This additional step into sharing economy model will bring a more complex infrastructure for building dApps.


Are you a Datacenter, VPN Provider or a Data Aquisition Company? Support us in decentralising the IP address markets.